Mastering The Art Of Success

"The starting point of all achievement is desire."
- Napoleon Hill

Mastering a job means we are proficient at performing that particular task successfully.

It is also useful to note here that the word "success" has different meanings to different people. Success can mean, among other things: fame, fortune, emotional or skillful achievement.

Proceeding through our growth years to maturity, we spend time and effort accumulating knowledge and resources, assessing our strengths and limitations, and taking action based on what we have learned. As we grow, so does our appetite for adventure and success. So, fortified with our initial progress, we set out to test our strength against the world. For those who achieve mastery of one job, the taste of success and the confidence it generates often propels them to attempt to master other tasks.


Mastering The Art of Success

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Mastering the Art of Success is filled with forty-four chapters each written by a different author. Each one of these authors has been a success in their field. Each one attributes The Law of Attraction to their success in one way or another. However, it is more than just the law of attraction that is discussed in this book. Mastermind groups, positive thinking, goal setting, prioritizing, proper nutrition, exercise, and more are discussed. We give Mastering the Art of Success all five stars. We think the book carries a good, positive message, which may very well be helpful to the reader.
- David and Suzanne McClendon