The Pick Business-Team-Building Retreats are your key to success, allowing your practice to achieve heights you never imagined.

“Basic principles that Fortune 500 companies adhere to, dental businesses never subscribe to!”
-Dr. Bob Pick

Propel yourself to one of the most economically and personally satisfying careers imaginable!

The Pick Business Retreat is a motivational, quick-paced, fun, and educational workshop.  Unify your team.  Learn how to increase case acceptance by understanding the various personality profiles.  Practice HOW to ask for referrals and achieve five-star online reviews.  Gain strategies for earning more and working less and ultimately give you and your team the freedom professionally and economically you desire!


There are no words to describe The Pick Business-Team-Building Retreat except that for the first time ever my staff are excited, on board with the plan and ready for “show-time!” In one day you showed us more than my last consultant did in 3 years. With your coaching we consistently reach our production and collection goals every month and more! Thank you for all of your support and giving us the courage to believe in ourselves and to continue on our journey with even more confidence and pride.

- Y.K., Aurora, IL

Finally someone who has been in the trenches like us and fully understands what a dentist goes through. Listen and take note. His “stuff” works and works well! We are now profitable, organized, growing and are doing well!
- S.H., Albuquerque, NM

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